Justice and Peace Formation Course

This year we had 9 new volunteers who completed their two-week formation course during the 29th of January until the 9th of February. This is the tenth year of the Augustinian Volunteers in Australia and we are pleased to say we have had 100 volunteers over the past ten years who have completed the course and volunteered with us. This year we have a total of 13 active volunteers serving in 8 different programs throughout Australia. We are always seeking new volunteers and will commence our promotion programs in earnest in August this year. 

Our Justice and Peace formation course is now available online through BBI-TAITE. It is open to any members or potential members of the Augustinian family wishing to dedicate themselves to ministry with those in need. The course is run by the Augustinian Justice and Peace office with the Broken Bay Institute in Pennant Hills. The course comprises of two units, including Augustinian Spirituality for social justice and Catholic Social Teaching.


To apply contact:

Mr Paul Wilson

Augustinian Justice and Peace Office

0438 646 294

Mrs Kay Stenner

The Augustinians

(02) 9938 0200