Augustinian Justice and Peace
Augustinian Justice and Peace
Augustinian Justice and Peace

Justice and Peace values are of major concern to the Augustinians. At their last General Chapter in Rome in 2013, they produced a manual on their involvements in Justice and Peace around the world. Some key principles included
- the dignity of the human person,
- the common good and
- the universal destination of all goods, and an option for the poor and oppressed.

The Augustinians in Australia commenced in 1838 under Irish priest, James Alypius Goold OSA, later Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne. They now operate a number of parishes and schools around Australia and are part of an international religious order. The rule of Augustine is quite possibly the oldest monastic rule in the Western Church, dating from the third century. 

 In 2008, The Augustinians commenced a lay formation program working for justice and peace in the wider community. Now, Augustinian Volunteers Australia trains and places volunteers from all walks of life to work collaboratively with communities in need.

Augustinian Volunteers Australia We seek to model best practice of community development by partnering with local organisations and attempting real, long term change on the ground.

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~ Justice and Peace were major concerns of the second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church in 1962-1968. These values have had major impact in the actions undertaken by Catholic organisations since.